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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Easiest Christmas Gift… EVAR


Went to the mall last night with sis and Mags for Salmon Tuesdays at East. Mags thinks the prices went down, which was nice, but the service was still the same (not all the servers, just one in particular… and we keep getting her). The service must be really bad for Mags, because she has now sworn off of East, which means we will have to find another place to get our sushi fix (I have a few places in mind).

After dinner we wandered around the mall for a bit, until Mags had to head home for some quality hot guy gawking. As sushi does, it still left me hungry and I figured some Jamba Juice would hit the spot. Power sized Mango-a-go-go (frozen mangoes, passionfruit-mango juice, pineapple sherbert, ice) with immunity boost.

Sis spotted this out on the counter and declared that it was exactly what she wanted for Christmas (the family has decided to do Secret Santa this year, with gifts no more than $25). Lucky for her I picked her name, and lucky for me because I picked something she actually wanted (even though she wrote down she wanted a gift card from B & N).

A 22 oz. reusable tumbler plus a $5 gift card for $15 (plus tax). When you bring the tumbler back for a fill up, you get 10 percent off your drink purchase. Not too bad!

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