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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

0423 - Woke up. Why did I decide to get up at this time? Oh yeah... Thanksgiving. It's still dark out, the house is still sleeping. Checked my phone and sure enough, a handful of text messages that I didn't reply to.

"Okay we're meeting up at ____________,  at the corner of __________ and ___________."
"What time would be good for you?"
"Hey! Pre-gobble drinks?"
"Are you still going?"
"Where are you?"

Being the considerate person I am, I quietly crept into the kitchen to start on my cooking. My phone on the other hand, not so considerate. The alarm went off as I was grabbing items in the pantry, waking up the dogs and my sister (who just happened to be sleeping on a nearby couch). This led to some canine whimpering to be taken out, or be fed, or perhaps both. My sister woke up in a daze, and I guided her upstairs, since it was about to get a little noisy.

0500 - So 30 minutes have passed since I woke up, and all that I've accomplished so far is quieting the dogs and pulling the ingredients out for the butterscotch cream cheese bars. That and the turkey are the only things I am responsible for this Thanksgiving... and I'm starting to wonder if it really was necessary to get up this early.

In the past, yes... it made sense. But we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and I was responsible for more of the dishes. My uncle offered to have Thanksgiving this year, so the kitchen won't be crowded at all today. But since I'm up, might as well get dessert taken care of.

I'm not too sure how butterscotch cream cheese bars came to be part of our holiday dinners. This dessert started finding its way onto our table back in the early 90's, My mom probably saw something either in the Sunday ads or in the grocery store, but it was interesting enough for her to buy all the ingredients to make it.  Making BCCB however, was always my thing. My sister was responsible for the cheesecake (she does make a mean one, I might add) and I made the onion dip and these. This went on for most of the decade, and then I stopped (BCCB overload). I only started making them again not too long ago.

IMG_0057 (2)
0536 - I think I've encountered my first baking problem - two cracker sleeves in, and I only have two cups of graham cracker crumbs. I need four if I plan on making two batches of this stuff. Maybe I shouldn't pulverize it too finely? Grocery stores don't open for a few hours... and I don't want to put this off too long. I think I'll dig around the pantry some more.

0554 - Didn't want to wait, so I've decided to just go with one batch. Feel kinda bad that I left the cream cheese and butter out overnight to make them and now I have to put them back into the fridge. Maybe I"ll make spinach dip... that uses cream cheese. But I'll have to go to the store. And Rockland Bakery. Oh well... I guess it was inevitable.

2 cups graham cracker crumbs, 2 cups chopped walnuts. One package butterscotch chips and six tablespoons of butter melted in the microwave. One minute, stir. 15 seconds, stir. 15 more seconds, stir. At this point, the butterscotch-butter mixture smells wonderful, but looks.... yeah. Too early for that. Yelled at the dog to get off the couch (he's a sneaky one).  Mixed in the crumbs and nuts and mixed. Two cups reserved for the topping. Rest pressed into a baking dish, 350 degrees 12 minutes.

0605 - Dad is the first to wake up.

"How long are you going to cook the turkey?"
"Well, the tag says 4 to 4 1/2 hours."
"When are you going to cook it?"
"I have to find out when we're eating. Don't want to cook it too soon."

Did I make coffee?

IMG_0060 (2)
Caught the dog on the couch... again. He's giving me the puppy dog eyes, so I might let this time slide.

0633 - Two cups of coffee down, dishes washed.

Butterscotch crust cooling, dog still on the couch. I think it's time for a cooking break.

0707 - That was a nice break. Time to finish the BCCB.

IMG_0074 (2)
Two packages of cream cheese and half a cup of sugar beaten until creamy. 4 eggs added one at time. 1/4 cup flour, two tablespoons lemon juice. Mix, mix, mix. Poured on top of the crust, remaining butterscotch crumb mix sprinkled on top. 350 degrees 22 minutes.

IMG_0079 (2)
Well now... that didn't take long. I think it's time to go back to bed. The turkey can wait.

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Albany Jane said...

Oh man. I'm SO making BCCBs. Those sound awesome, trials and tribulations aside.

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