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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chatham Brewing (Chatham, NY)


They brew their beer all week and sell on Saturday (11am-2pm). So if you're looking for some quality local brew, you might want to head to Chatham before the weekend farmer's market. Also, their website claims that if you’re the first person at the brewery on a given Saturday, you get a sampling of the week’s offerings. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it in time for the freebies, but it seems if you ask nicely enough (er, maybe if you're pushy enough), they'll let you try out any of the varieties.


The beer stand is located between 20 and 22 Main St., downtown Chatham. It's down the alleyway between the two buildings, and at the very back you'll find your friendly neighborhood brewer, along with the week's selections. There were six offerings to choose from; a Super IPA, IPA, Porter, Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, and Scotch Ale. I was leaning toward the Amber Ale or Porter, but R wanted the lighter Blonde Ale. We compromised and got the IPA.

DSC00378 DSC00371 DSC00377

I think it may have been a bit too hoppy for R, but I enjoyed it just fine. It's nice to find a quality microbrew out here, and you can tell that these folks at Chatham Brewery take pride in what they do. I would like to make a trip back soon to try the other varieties. Who knows, maybe I'll make it for the free samples this time.  

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