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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery (Warwick, NY)

2010-08-08 17.42.34 

M surprised me with and visit, and we decided to take a drive up to Warwick. I kept talking about checking out the Renaissance Fair, but changed my mind after I saw the crowd of people going in.

Not sure where to go next, I just kept driving up 17A. I followed the signs toward Warwick and hoped something good would pop up. Sure enough, I spotted a grape sign for the Warwick Valley Winery. I continued to follow the grapes until we came across an even larger sign with an even larger arrow directing us to our destination.

2010-08-08 17.15.54

Not exactly sure where to start, we went inside and checked out their selection. Turns out we went straight into the tasting room. Here you can buy their wine, ciders, and other food products. If you’re interested, they also have a wine  tasting which will only set you back five bucks and you get to keep the glass.

2010-08-08 17.40.02 

I’m not sure if they rotate the wines on the tasting list, but these are the ones we tried:
Pinot Gris
Cabernet Franc
Black Dirt Red
Doc’s Draft Hard Pear Cider
Doc’s Draft Framboise Hard Cider
Bartlett Pear Liqueur/Sour Cherry Cordial

Most of these were dry, and I guess I could taste the fruit notes that the server kept mentioning… but not the kind of wines I’m into. M and I were more interested in their ciders. The pear was a bit too light, and you could just slightly make it out. The Framboise was my favorite- sweet, but not too overpowering, and you can definitely taste the raspberry in it.

We could only pick one of the liqueurs, and I picked the Pear while M went with the Sour Cherry. He had it on ice, and thought it was pretty good. As for my pear… I had a sip. Strong pear flavor, dry. I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t driving, so I gave the rest to M.

2010-08-08 17.41.06

M ended up buying two bottles of the Framboise. Twenty-two ounces for $5.99, that doesn’t seem too bad. Definitely something we could give to his homebrewing sister and BIL.

Even though it is a winery, there are other things to do there that do not involve alcohol. There is a bakery and cafe on premises, which is only open on the weekends. According to their website, they strongly support sustainable agriculture and use products that were locally grown as much as possible. The menu is light, and mostly things you pair with a wine or cider.

They also have pick your own apple and pear trees, which is always a fun kid activity. On the weekends there is live music, and monthly evening performances. We didn’t walk around much, but according to their website there is a stage out in their orchard and they hold weekend long music festivals. In fact, this coming weekend (August 14-15) they will be holding a Grateful Dead Tribute Concert.

2010-08-08 17.45.57 

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery
114 Little York Road
Warwick, NY 10990
(845) 258-4858


Albany Jane said...

Raspberry cider?! Dude, yes. That sounds too awesome. I wouldn't be nice like you and think of giving it to someone else.

Daniel B. said...

I happen to be a big fan of their sour cherry cordial. And that's not one of those things I'm typically into.

I'm surprised it didn't meet with greater enthusiasm.

Lilimonster said...

Daniel - When I go back again (it's near the orchard I go apple picking, so I have no excuse) I will try it.

Albany J - I have to spread the wealth of tastiness!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Looks like a fabulous (and very tasty) day trip!

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