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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hawaiian Vacation: Breakfast

2010-07-06 09.37.34

It’s not that I’ve forgotten about mentioning my trip on here, it’s just that I’ve been really busy with other things.

What you see here is what I typically ate for breakfast – nothing out of the ordinary, other than my coffee being Kona. Not really one to eat in the mornings, and besides, soon after waking up I ran straight for the beach. Don’t need the breakfast bloat as I’m laying out on the sand.

2010-07-08 08.40.41

On one of our last days at the hotel, we (Mags, my sister, and I) tried out the breakfast buffet in one of the hotel’s restaurants. It was pretty good, lots of fresh fruit and “Hawaiian this” and “Hawaiian that” breakfast items. The waffles were especially delicious… I think I scarfed down at least six of them.

2010-07-08 09.06.36

Mags was all about those biscuits for some reason. Biscuits and loads of butter. I didn’t even notice they had any out, I was too busy eating waffles.

2010-07-08 09.17.01

One of my sister’s creations. Lasted long enough for her to take pictures with all our phones. I think I helped out with the nose… and maybe an ear.

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