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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Malta Drive-In Theatre (Malta, NY)

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I’m really starting to like the drive-in. Two movies for less than the price of one, and I get to watch them with a nice starry back drop. Not that it doesn’t have its drawbacks (SUVs parked in car parking, people making loud obnoxious phone calls… and the mosquitoes), but it’s still a fun thing to do in the summer.


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The concession stand. Normally when I go to the movies I refrain from getting food because there’s not much space for it in a packed room. In your own car… different story. And I was pretty hungry that night, and everything sounded good. The prices seemed reasonable enough, and definitely much cheaper than a regular theater.


2010-07-18 20.43.36 2010-07-18 20.49.49


What I ended up ordering – large bucket of popcorn, chips with nacho cheese, a large drink and… DEEP FRIED OREOS! I’ve never had them before, and they were selling it. I just had to try it. They also have fried Twinkies, which I am definitely interested in. I was going to get a huge bag of Twizzlers, but M put his foot down. I think this ended up costing about 16 dollars. Not too bad.

Popcorn was pretty salty, and that’s with me not adding any. Definitely not enough cheese to go with the chips, and while I was excited to eat fried Oreos… it could have used chocolate syrup. The batter they used tasted exactly like the batter some restaurants used for their fried ice cream. I need to know what this stuff is. It’s good. The Oreo itself was slightly soggy, but I guess that’s to be expected. I want to bite into a fried Oreo and have the cookie still crisp. But that just means I’ll have to make them for myself.

In time.

And if you were wondering, we watched Inception and Eclipse. Inception was good, and it literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat, in anticipation of what would happen next. And Eclipse? Team Jacob’s body.

Malta Drive-In Theatre
2785 Route 9
Malta, NY  12020
(518) 587-6077

Box Office opens at 7:00, first movie starts just before 9:00

Admission fees – 12 and up: 8.00
                                    12 and under: 3.00

Outside food permit – 5.00

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