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Monday, June 14, 2010

My 20 Dollar Drink at The Lott (New York, NY)

Headed into the city to help celebrate a classmate's birthday. She threw the party at The Yard, which has changed names and is now The Lott. If you got in before 11 there was no cover, and as much as I wanted to get there before I had to pay, it was out of my hands. The girl outside said twenty, the guy inside let me in for ten. If it wasn't for my classmate, I would have walked right out. Paying to get into a bar is ridiculous.

Because I got there late, I also missed the open bar. At this point I'm pretty pissed, which may have been apparent to the rest of the group because they pushed me over to the bar. While standing outside I noticed some of the bar specials for the week. On Fridays, Monster Vodka was six bucks from 11pm on. Sounded like a good deal so I asked for one.

"What color?"

What? Color? "What colors do you have?"

The bartender is annoyed at this point. "Red and Blue."

I'm sorry, but don't assume I know what you're talking about. "Blue."

She walks to the other side of the bar, and comes back with this large plastic container full of my monster drink. More like all ice and very little drink. She goes about connecting straws to make one long enough to hit the bottom.

"That's twenty."

Are you serious?! Mags couldn't believe it either. I guess us B&T gals aren't cool to party in the city since we gawk at the price of a drink that is more mixer and ice than alcohol. I paid for my drink and went back to the group. They played a lot of 90's music, which is fine since it was a nice walk down memory lane. The DJ even managed to throw some Duck Tales and Saved by the Bell in.

This is why suspenders are handy.


Albany Jane said...

Dude! You're a much nicer friend than I am! I really hate paying covers to get into a bar. And $20? What the hell? Where did the $6 drink go?

Lilimonster said...

I was wondering about that too. But at the point I was so aggravated I wasn't going to question, I just needed the drink.

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