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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Is It Kosher?

Why yes... it is.

It is a common misconception belief in my class that food will help retain the audience's attention. I can tell you that this is not true at all- I don't remember the content of any presentation where they gave me food. There may have been talk about vaccinations, but I'm not entirely sure. There was a lot of candy, that's definite... and a lot of time for me to figure out the pattern in which to eat this candy (but don't tell everyone, my OCD is still on the low)

Back to the picture above. This day was an exceptionally long day, so long that I started losing my mind and now I have a tumblr page. Near the end of one presentation, they started distributing food, which I paid no attention to... until these chips came my way.

I've never really had good experiences with kosher food. I worked at a facility that was Kosher and the bringing of non-Kosher food was a big no-no (but we did it anyways). The meals they provided always seemed to be missing something (coughcoughflavorcoughcough) and almost always undercooked (especially the chicken). These chips? Okay, but it seemed very taste muted.

I ate my handful and refused additional helpings. My classmates on the other hand, kept on eating.

Obviously, hunger beats out taste any day.

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Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on the whole Kosher racket. It just gets me so angry. I just think when you start focusing so much attention on the teeny tiny details, it is easy to lose track of the big picture.

My guess is, that historically speaking, the tribes had to find something to do with the people afflicted with OCD, so the priests invented a massive set of dietary laws to keep them all occupied (and out of the way).

And that is coming from a Jew with a moderate leaning towards obsessiveness.

Albany Jane said...

I'd say it's a healthy obsessiveness if it leads to bacon, dude.

First off though - I have never even heard of BBQ tortilla chips. Weird.

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