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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House Hunting

This has been the second weekend that M and I have been looking for houses. We've seen nice ones, and not-so-nice ones. Big ones and small ones. Driveway with ample parking to the wretched parking on the street. Heck, we even saw a former funeral home (it was falling apart).

Saturday was a short day as our Realtor needed to leave early for open houses. But we saw two we really liked, and hoped that they wouldn't get snatched up before we had a chance at it. We were back in Troy after noon and I suggested to check out the farmers market. I was hoping Thunder Mountain Curry was there... but alas, it wasn't. And it looked like in their absence the First Caribbean table was making a killing. New to the market (or just new to me) was the Mexican stand. I have no idea what they were offering, but I saw plenty of paper food contains with corn husks. I was intrigued but M would not have any of it. After one lap of the market, we walked down the street to grab some lunch buffet at Shalimar. The Saturday buffet has not cone up to $7.99, which still isn't too bad.

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