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Monday, March 01, 2010

Take Out Rice

Being of the "Asian Persuasion", I think cooking rice is genetic. Not only is it something we seem to be born knowing, but the process of cooking rice is quite therapeutic. The quiet crash as cupful after cupful of uncooked rice is poured into the pot... the swishing of rice and water as you wash off the excess starch... the graceful precision as you measure the water level with your fingers... and the soft click when the rice cooker lets you know it's ready.

Who needs meditation? Bring out the rice pot and I've found inner peace.

Recently, my dad stopped by our local Chinese restaurant. He placed his usual order, and an additional pint of white rice. He's really been on a kick about their white rice. Not too sticky, and just a touch of sweetness. So he asked them how they cook it. And wouldn't you know it, they told him. They even showed him what type of rice they use.

The secret?

3:1 ratio - 3 cups long grain to 1 cup short grain. Try Jasmine and Japanese sweet rice.

Now go find your rice nirvana.

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