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Monday, December 21, 2009

Bettie's Double Decker Cupcake Stand/Bus (Guilderland, NY)

Me: M! We have to go to Guilderland right away! There's a double decker cupcake bus!!

M: What?

So All Over Albany ran the story about Bettie's double decker cupcake bus and of course I was convinced I had to go check it out as well.

Here's a tip if you come across the bus- the doors don't open automatically like on a regular bus. You have to push them open. M and I must have looked like doofuses standing outside of the bus and not knowing how to get it. It took one lady to show us the very obvious door opening trick. We purchased a six pack ($16.75) and headed back to Troy. It was also on this trip that my car decided to die on Rt. 2 as I was driving. Luckily it died going down a hill and I could safely turn down a street out of traffic. It wouldn't start again for another 20 minutes or so, and only after I got really pissed off and vented my frustrations on the steering wheel with my forehead (not to the point of pain, think more [headdesk] action).

So here you go, the contents of our cupcake container. The one on the upper left makes me want to say it's a coconut lime cupcake (didn't try it), and the other two in that row were either vanilla or yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing. In the front row chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing, some cupcake that I think has a raspberry icing, and red velvet.

M and I ended up only eating two of the cupcakes, as the video shows.

Bettie's Cakes - Red Velvet Cupcake from Under the Copper Tree on Vimeo.

Bettie's Cakes - _________ cupcake from Under the Copper Tree on Vimeo.

Such a shame. But who knows, could the delay in eating have played a factor? Did it need to be warmed up (perhaps M's kitchen was a bit too cold)? Or maybe I should just man up and just be honest.

These were not good.

As M described it, the cake had the consistency of cornbread, and as he said in the video, he couldn't taste anything. That isn't necessarily true- I was able to distinguish the different flavors in both the red velvet and the mysterious cupcake, but they really were not appealing to me.

And look at the cake to icing ratio on the mysterious cupcake! Usually I would be kinda happy about that, but not when the icing is this thick paste thing. And even after trying the icing on its own, I had no clue what its flavor was (if there was any).

After those two, M brought the rest to work. Sorry M's co-workers, but we just couldn't eat them anymore.


Albany Jane said...

Ew. I don't like how the inside looks. Too crumbly/airy in some parts and dense in others. Also not really loving the consistency of the icing either.

I never really jumped on the cupcake fan wagon. I mean, they are just little cakes, right? If anything, they are more likely to dry out, but they do look cute.

Lilimonster said...

I like making cupcakes, so too into the purchasing of them. Very rarely do they not suck.

I do not understand why people wait on lines for some of these places. I've had the cupcakes and really, there was zero wow to it. All pretty on the outside, but bland on the inside. Way to spend what little money I have.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving me from the disappointment of a sad dry cupcake with undentable frosting.

I enjoy a good cupcake.
I may even be willing to pay $3 for one.

But the next time $17 is burning a hole in your pocket, head over to Bella Napoli in Troy and get two dozen of the best filled donuts I've ever had.

Then take your change to the grocery store and buy some milk.

phairhead said...

wow! what a disappointment : ( red velvet cake is supposed to be be dense and moist.

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