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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Badass Burrito (Troy, NY)

I don't get it. Why are so many places up here closed on Mondays? I would like to think that people need to eat every day, so why not be opened on a Monday? Start my week off right, and let me get what I want.

All venting aside, M and I tried to hit up Badass Burrito in Lansingburgh. We pulled up right in front, but the open light wasn't lit, but the door was open and there were people inside. So car turned off, we try to go in.

"Hey, I'm sorry... but we're not open on Mondays."

grumble, grumble, grumble

"But if you want, you can check out our other location. It's on Fulton Street in Troy. It's a limited menu, but they're open."

So off we went to check out their Troy location. The guy didn't really give us great landmarks to find the place, so here's a better one- it's next to Shalimar's.

I guess this place is relatively new- I don't recall noticing it before. It's pretty bare, with two tables and chalkboard wall listing their menu. If you head down there, be aware that your options are limited to quesadillas, burritos, tacos, taco salads, and nachos supreme. Okays, so that really isn't a limited menu, heck... it's more than what you can get at Chipotle (but according to M, just not as good). They don't serve beer (but why are you boozing during your lunch break?!?) and their drink options (which come with your meal) at the moment are regular and diet pepsi. You can't make substitutions, nor can you make special orders. It is what it is.

We placed our orders and had a seat. The gal behind the counter came over and brought us some chips and salsa along with our drinks. I'm guessing they come with the meal, which isn't bad. Compared to the chips from Chevy's, these chips don't break under the weight of salsa (which according to M was "tasteless.") and seasoned with something smoky/spicy (M's thoughts? "tastes like old people.").

For all his complaints about it, he sure finished them all. And what M... and what?!?

I went with the taco salad, M had a cheese quesadilla. I went with the traditional taco beef, because come on now... you gotta have a taco salad with seasoned ground beef. It comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions and olives (which I said no to). Instead of salsa, they give you this sauce you need to shake up to combine the oil and pour all over. Not necessarily spicy, but it was tasty. The bowl kind of reminded me of fried wonton wrappers, but as you went down the bowl it got progressively oilier, so I stopped breaking it into my salad.

It was alright, but I couldn't help thinking "this is $6.50?" I had a taco salad at Alexis diner for about the same price and twice as big. Perhaps it's lunch portion appropriate, to which M replied,

"I'm not all about proportions, I'm all about getting the most for my money."

We're willing to give it another try. Monday nights they have dollar tacos and PBR... two things I cannot pass up. And they had signs posted that mentioned Man vs. Food... is the guy going to show up there?!? Does anyone know? Because I will haul my butt back in a heartbeat if this is the case.

Badass Burrito
443 5th Avenue
Troy, NY 12182
Closed Mondays until 6PM
Open Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 9PM

Baby Badass Burrito
409 Fulton Street
Troy, NY 121180
Open Monday - Friday 11AM - 2:30PM


phairhead said...

thanks for the tip!!!!

Sexybeast and I will be hitting up the Lansingburg locale this monday. he's having an affair w/ PBR

Albany Jane said...

I can't figure out if the Man V Food thing is actually going to be there, or if that's just what they're calling the soon-to-come gigantic 8 lb burrito.

Also lamenting the closed restaurants on Mondays. I always, always, always want pizza and only like 2 places are open.

Dude, you guys always make me want Chipotle.

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