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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday Funday @ Chevy's

D, Mags, and I have been hitting up Chevy's in the Palisades Mall for the last month or so. The reason? On Sunday they have 2 dollar table side gucamole and 1 dollar fried ice cream! Plus, there is also a rumor going around (this all came from D, so if it's false... point the finger at him) that Chevy's will be closing in the near future. Better get my guac while the guac is good, right?

After my weekend of bad eating, I went blah and picked the chicken Caesar salad. Wasn't bad, and I liked the grilled poblano peppers.

I honestly can't remember what this is, but I think it's chicken and crab enchilada. D's pick. Liked it, but not the rice too much... can't blame him. Mag's refused to have her food pictured, so boo her.

Desserts were D's Chiquita sundae (L), my fried ice cream, and Mag's Sopapilla (once again not pictured). Nice way to end the meal.

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phairhead said...

i heard the same rumour too!

don't roasted peppers make a meal that much more special

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