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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peter Wong's (Montvale, NJ)

Since this place is known for their ice cream, I thought I would start with that first. It's made on premises (so I'm told) and they offer flavors you won't see at other ice cream shops. Here is the ice cream list from the website:

Regular flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, Killer chocolate, Strawberry, Mint chocolate chip, Mocha chip, Cookies and cream, Pistachio, Cappuccino, Rocky road, Coconut almond Joy, Banana chocolate chip, Rum raisin, Black raspberry

Special flavors - Green tea, Black sesame, Red bean, Lychee (Chinese fruit), Mango

Fat free/Sugar free - Vanilla, Chocolate

Frozen yogurt - French vanilla, Red raspberry, Cappuccino

Ice/Sorbet - Orange ice, Mango sorbet, Raspberry sorbet

That scoop up there? Cinnamon Vanilla. Mags choice, I went with green tea, which was tasty and gave me the "so what I ate ice cream... there's antioxidants up in that biznass" vibe. That cinnamon one though, ohmygoodnessgracious. Sandwich that in some flaky pie dough I will be over the moon.

Oh yea, Mags thought it was good too. Thought I should share.

Some shots from our lunch. A decent offering of meals that lasts until 4pm. The meal comes with a soup or salad, and for a buck or two more you get ice cream. Hot & Sour and Egg Drop soup. The turn out was quick, we were just finishing up our soups when our lunches came out.

These pictures lie in regards to portions, Mags meal in particular. It doesn't really look like it's alot, but it is, and we both ended up taking our lunches home. I should have taken a better picture of her pad thai (she asked but I got wrapped up in my food) because they didn't use the typical noodle. It was a smaller noodle, think... spaghettini style.

Peter Wong's isn't cheap; I think between Mags and I, our lunch came out to 29 dollars (including tax and tip). It's the only place in this area that offers dim sum (yes, I know if I go a little further down in Jersey there are more and there is also the city, but this is right down the road. This wins easy.) And don't forget the ice cream.


phairhead said...

peter wong's has to be the dirtiest name i've heard in a long time :D

i'm a big fan of the green tea ice cream. very refreshing

Albany Jane said...

Oh man, phairhead has never seen Big Wong restaurant in Manhattan Chinatown. Tee hee!

Black sesame anything = automatic AJ buy. I love the stuff and get it whenever I can down state. Why is there such a dearth of it up here.(Is there any market up here where I could buy the paste? I'm not quite obsessed enough to try making my own. Yet.)

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