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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I was finishing up my assignments for the day when one of the gentlemen in the room asked what I was doing when I left.

"I'm going to White Castle."

"Of all the places you can eat... you want White Castle?"

"What can I say? It's that time of year."

I always regret my decision afterward, but that was one great lunch. And of course, as I type about WC, I get the WC burps.


Anonymous said...

Q: How would you like your burger?
A: Steamed. Natch.

It's amazing. Steamed burgers, the thickness of a nickle with five holes in them. Even if they were made with quality meat, they would be cheap. It's really a greasy, beef flavored, fried onion sandwich.


I loved these so much in college. It's been a long long long time. But I'd certainly give them another go. The problem has been access not inclination.

Albany Jane said...

YES YES YES! White Castle for the WIN!

I'm so excited you got some fresh WC. Greasy, fatty goodness!

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