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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hikaru Sushi (Orangeburg, NY)

Magentix is back home! And good thing she got back when she did, she totally missed all that craziness that just went down out there. To celebrate her homecoming, I was able to convince her try out the all you can eat sushi at Hikaru. It's in Orangeburg Plaza, if you're familiar with the area, it's right where you take your road test (I went there and passed with flying colors). I don't remember when they started doing the all you can eat thing, but it was definitely around mid-summer. The other time I ate there it was pretty much dead. This time there were a few more customers, which makes me think they do better for the dinner service.

You get an appetizer with your AYCE, and if I recall, the choices are: clear soup, miso soup, garden salad, avocado salad, edamame, and haru maki (Japanese spring roll). Magentix went with the clear soup, which was clear and had plenty of sliced mushrooms. It smelled like the broth was made with katsuo dashi (broth made with dried bonito flakes), which I'm cool with, but Mags can be picky with her food and she only had about half before she commented that in its cool state is smelled like feet.

I went with the avocado salad that's pictured above. I was hoping that the avocado was actually ripe and was not disappointed. The salad was iceberg lettuce with a few tomato wedges, cucumber, chopped sun dried tomatoes, sliced almonds, sesame seeds and the small orange fish eggs that I don't remember what it's normally called. The ginger salad dressing came on the side and they didn't skimp with that either. The salad was pretty good, but I wish they used something other than iceberg.

There are quite a few rolls you can choose from (classic rolls, hand rolls, vegetable rolls, special rolls, and sushi by the piece) and you can get as much as your want, as long as you finish it all. There's a note on the menu about that which I'll talk about later. It's six pieces per roll, and they don't go heavy on the rice (very nice).

I started with the spider roll and spicy salmon crunch roll. I haven't had a spider roll in such a long time, but I just had to get it since it was one of their options. It was usual good, but compared to other places I've had that particular roll, the crab seemed a bit bigger. But still battered and crunchy. Yum yum. The salmon was the usual as well, so there's no need to really talk much about it. Mags, who was already feeling full after half of her soup, only had two orders of a very stripped down Philadelphia roll (as per her request). She was disappointed it didn't have something (which of course now I can't remember what it was) but then again she did ask for a lot of things not to be in it. There was enough room in my stomach to have one more roll, and I went with the mango avocado roll... and of course after picking it, I noticed the Salmon skin roll I originally wanted.

So that note on the menu I alluded to earlier? I scoured the menu for the fine print (because you know for something like this there has to be fine print) and it noted that you could not share the AYCE with a non-AYCE customer and that you shouldn't shouldn't take more than you can, otherwise you'll get charged for it. For the lefted over items.

But even with the RARRRRR! EAT YOUR FOOD, OR ELSE!! they end with a very mothering tone- just do your best, ok? And while you're at it, comb your hair.

All you can eat sushi is $19.95 per person, $12.95 for children (12 and younger). I didn't see any time limitations, so you may be able to get it all day.

You can check out their menu here.

Hikaru Japanese Fusion Sushi
7 Orangetown Shopping Center
Orangeburg,NY 10962
Phone: 845-359-4400
Fax: 845-359-0909

Open seven days a week. M-F 11:30 - 10:30. Saturday 12:30 - 10:30. Sunday 3:00 - 10:00.


Anonymous said...

wish there was a place like that up here in the capital district

phairhead said...

i showed this to sexybeast and he now need sushi. we try to go to Miyako on Western Ave. it's cheap and good

Anonymous said...

amazing ayce sushi place. haven't found any other place that comes close to this joint.

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