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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I was rifling through my parents fridge one day when I noticed two large foil wrapped spheres. I asked my dad what it was and he told me it was breadfruit.


cue Wikipedia - Breadfruit is from the Moraceae tree, which is related to the Mulberry family. It is a native fruit of the Malay Peninsula and Western Pacific islands, but has spread to other warm tropical regions. The ones in question came from Jamaica. Don't ask me how it made its way to my parent's fridge, but it did. The outer skin looks very similar to jackfruit, but instead of having a pointy skin (little spikes, but not as spiky as durian) the outside is smooth-ish.

This one had no skin and was smoked. You could smell the smokiness wafting out from under the foil. Apparently you you have to cook it in order for it to be edible. And if you're curious, it doesn't taste like bread (to me anyways). The smokiness was overwhelming and I couldn't finish it. I hardly think it's one of those things that's an "acquired taste." My dad says it's normally cooked with lots of coconut milk, but I'm sure there are other recipes out there.

Here are breadfruit recipes on Recipezaar.

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