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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Scam Warning!

Yesterday M got a call from his bank about a questionable purchase. Questionable as in someone buying a few hundred dollars worth of stuff out in the Midwest.

M is in Troy, and hasn't left the area in the last few weeks.

First we thought it was a gas station we stopped at on the way back from Michigan, it read his card but we never got gas. We thought maybe there was a reader of some sort at the pump. At the time it made sense, it was the only place we had a problem with the card.

We were so wrong.

It is now looking like the culprit was at McGrievey's, in Waterford. I don't want to say we're guessing here, since other people have called M up to let him know that they too have had mysterious purchases show up on their accounts. All out in the Midwest, either one purchase (like M) or multiple small purchases. We had all gone there for dinner a couple of months back and somehow it's just coincidence that this same dining group is having the same exact problem?

I don't know if anyone has called the restaurant to let them know what has happened, hell... does the Times Union even know about this (is it big enough to be newsworthy)?

Either way, if you have eaten there in the last few months (we ate there back in June) and used your credit card, check your accounts.

UPDATE: Just found out there have been others with this problem. I'm not sure how they figured it out, but it seems that the only connection between these recent local "issues" has been McGrievey's. Everyone involved has visited the establishment in recent months and had used their credit card. The owner has been notified, who knows what will happen next. Once again, I emphasize you contact your CC or bank's fraud protection service if you think your information may have been compromised.

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Albany Jane said...

Yikes, good thing you caught it early (on the 1st purchase)!

I really hate credit card fraud - it just really throws a wrench in the gears to have to deal with it.

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