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Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Farm to Campus

So the other day I saw a sign in the cafeteria for a Farmers Market. Sounds cool, right? Well... there it is. I shouldn't expect much, because it is a small school, and I have zero faith that these young people understand the concept of healthy eating (I am so guilty of that). I would have bought some stuff, if I didn't have another few hours of class afterward... and if it wasn't so freaking expensive. No wonder I didn't see students out there. Just us second degree kids.

Another thing I found annoying about this "market?" The fact that all the produce was from Long Island. There was a big sign hanging there emphasizing this fact: "GROWN IN LONG ISLAND"

Not saying that LI grown produce is bad (it isn't!). The issue I have is that in this area alone, there are many farms. I get the eat local, buy local thing... but hey, 20 minute trip to the farm vs. 3 hours?

Well, at least they're trying. Maybe they'll wise up and take advantage of the true local farms.

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