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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Good News

The ice cream maker is working again! I dug it out of my parent's basement and had visions of frozen creamy goodness. Mind you I didn't purchase any ingredients, nor did I even search out on recipes or methods in which to make the creamy goodness. Just dreams.

As I washed off the 10+ years of dust that accumulated on the machine, I debated what my first batch would be. Vanilla? No... too boring. Ube? Maybe, but I'm not really an ube fan. Oooh... what about a pear sorbet? I think the pears are ready to be picked!

So there you have it- my first creation would be a sorbet. I dried off all the parts, re-assembled the machine, plugged it into the outlet and hit the switch.

Nothing. Switch off, switch on. Nothing. Take the top parts off and shake the base, something must be loose. Nada. Seeing my dreams fall apart, I do the next logical thing- "Daaaaaaad! Why isn't this working?!"

I swear I'm really not that helpless. The thing was working, there was the hum... just no movement. And I don't have tools to open that base up to check on the motor. Turns out it needed a little cleaning, little nudge to get going, and a spritz of WD-40. Hooray!

I've completely changed my mind on the sorbet. I was thinking maybe a yogurt based ice cream to start. Avocado perhaps? It'll have to wait until tomorrow... still need to buy ingredients.

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Albany Jane said...

Avocado yogurt ice cream sounds delicious! Both refreshing and rich.

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