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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lobster Revenge

Before I left on my vacation, lobster was on sale at a local supermarket. Unable to pass up on the bargain, I went and purchased three. Piggish? Slightly, but it's lobster! And since a trip to Maine is really out of the question, three lobsters was really a sensible thing.


And as much as I'm hoping we'll whisk away to Maine Labor Day weekend, I doubt it'll happen. But... if you're reading this M, it would make for a nice trip...

Anyways, back to the lobster. I bought my lobster, had it steamed there (it is free, why not take them up on the offer?) and quickly drove home for some delicious eating.

Why is butter the accompaniment to lobster? It pairs wonderfully, yes, but really... it's so fattening. And when it cools, you have this viscous mess and try eating your lobster with that glob on there. So I went another route: I pulled out some coconut vinegar, smashed a couple of cloves of garlic, sliced a Thai chili from the backyard, added a splash of soy sauce and a turn or two from the pepper grinder. I whip this up when I'm eating meat or when I've got some steamed crab. Why didn't I think of using this for lobster before? Must be that lobster-butter connection. Consider it broken, my friends.

I only had one shot of the lobster, and look what happened- technical malfunction. It's that lobster, I tell you. But I'm pretty sure I got the last laugh.

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