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Monday, August 31, 2009

Davey's (Park Ridge, NJ)

Before Mags left on vacation, we stopped in at Davey's for a bite to eat (and some sloppy drinking by yours truly). I've always considered Davey's to be a watering hole of sorts, and the thought of consuming a meal there never crossed my mind. Chalk it up to tunnel vision, I suppose.

Davey's is located on Kinderkamack road, in their shopping area. They've got a great spot when I think about it - around the corner from Montvale Lanes, and right next to a train station. Plus there's a fire station near by, not to mention a police department down the road. If only their parking situation was better...

The menu boasts mainly pub fare, but there are things you wouldn't necessarily expect to see. For example, I had a grilled portabello salad with grilled red onions, baby greens, and a few other things I can't remember at this time. I ordered it with a balsamic vinaigrette, which was brought out on the side (props +1). The salad was great, but I wish there was more.

Mags went with a cheeseburger, and she was happy to discover that they would cook it as rare as she wanted (props +2). She opted for the Mexican rice instead of the usual french fries, but was disappointed in its lack of any flavor.

Best part of the night? Dessert. Mags ordered their cheesecake, and I went with the Irish whiskey cake. I got two slices of these amazing sugary goodness. And yes, you could definitely taste the whiskey. If I didn't feel so full, I would have finished it there. But I brought it home and immediately had it taken from me! Goes to show you... can't leave good food unattended.

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