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Friday, April 10, 2009

Paksiw na Pork Loin

I came home after a weekend working to a large tray of left over pork. The family had used the electric rotisserie on the grill without me, but I did get to enjoy the rewards. Not sure what exactly to make with it, my dad suggested Paksiw. Just like adobo, paksiw is one of those general terms that can be used on any kind of food. For the dish to be considered paksiw, it must be cooked in vinegar... think stew.

For the most part, the recipe for paksiw na pork loin goes like this:

left over pork
soy sauce
bay leaf/peppercorns
liverwurst spread

As for measurements, I don't have any. My dad made this, and like everyone in the family, it's all eyeballing and constant tasting. Throw all the ingredients (except for the liver spread) into a pot with a lid and cook on high until boiling, once you have a nice boil, lower the heat and simmer that sucker until the meat is falling apart. If you enjoy the aroma of cooked vinegar, your kitchen will reek of it. Perhaps opening a window would be good. Once the meat is at the shredded stage, you can add the liver spread. Cook for another 5 - 10 minutes and then serve with plenty of freshly cooked rice.

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