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Friday, April 24, 2009

I'll Bake If I Want To

Is there anything wrong with baking your own birthday cake? I never thought so, and by making it myself, I'm guaranteed to ge something I like. The last two years I've had to work on my birthday and I've made a cake to bring in and share.

I decided to make spring cupcakes, because they were my favorite when I was younger. My mom used to make a ton of these and drop them off at school for the class party. The colored coconut and jelly beans... an edible easter basket!

I did away with the jelly bean eggs and decided on an even better surprise. A quick glance at the pantry and I found a jar of marachino cherries. One in each center would make for a great surprise. I'm still not sure on how much batter goes in each liner. 1/4 cup each? Fill it 2/3 of the way up? Help!

It looks like I shouldn't have pushed the cherries that far into each cupcake- they settled on the bottom. But it was still a nice sweet surprise.

While the cupcakes were baking, I got working on the "grass." Not hard to do at all, just a bag of sweetened coconut and green food coloring. Had I not been in a rush to finish, I would have made more colors, like pink and blue... like the Easter grass. But green is classic, and surprisingly it is what I had most of with the food dye. I only used enough icing to lightly cover the cupcakes, since they were going to be covered in coconut anyways.

One of the later cupcakes, after I ran out of coconut and icing. I was pretty good, I only ate one.

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