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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pad Thai In Five Pictures Or Less


It's been years since I've had pad thai. The last time I made it was even longer. Pad thai had been a fad when it should have been a staple. It's relatively easy to make, and easy to screw up. When making this dish, it is important to make sure the noodles do not get mushy. Mushy noodles = clumpy pad thai = bad eating.

Mushy noodle prevention lies in the soak. Use enough warm water to cover the noodles and let them soften up. You know when they're ready when a noodle does not snap when you bend it. Drain the noodles and add near the end of cooking.

True pad thai means making your sauce from scratch. Somewhere down the line I will get to that point, but I'm going to stick to the pre-made sauce for the time being. Chez Pim has a recipe for pad thai sauce on her blog, along with a guide for pad thai noobs.

What exactly goes into pad thai? There's usually a protein of some sort (chicken, shrimp, or tofu); bean sprouts; scallions; ground peanuts; dried red chiles; fried garlic; and a spritz of lime. There are recipes out there that call for other ingredients, but hey... whatever you like, throw it in.

How is it cooked? It's only after dinner when I decided to go and see how it's actually done. I figured you just stir fry everything except the noodles, and just before finishing, add the noodles and sauce. Came out tasty and non-clumpy.

Check how this vendor makes it!

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