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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mitsuwa & Beyond (Edgewater, NJ)


Mitsuwa, how I adore your combo meals. I went back to my boring Gyudon meal, which was wonderfully fatty and saucy. I don't remember what S had, but I think it was breaded pork cutlet with an egg on top. The dressing on the salad tasted like a thinned out peanut sauce. For dessert we each tried the Hoji soft serve- FANTASTIC! Great roasted taste, and I think the guy topped it off with ground hoji tea. If you order the large ice cream, be aware that the waffle cone is leaky.

We had some time to kill before S had to be back for rehearsal, so we drove towards West New York to see if there were any other places we should visit for lunch/dinner. We went as far as some condos with a Starbucks and A&P fresh. The other side of the road was a little better- a short street with a handful of restaurants. The most interesting one was a cafe that had a Greek sounding name and a slight hint of Asian influence. A quick look at their menu showed that it was way overpriced for what they were offering (salads, wraps, coffee/tea, etc.) I don't know how big their sundaes are, but $11.00 seems a tad steep. Plus, some of the descriptions are strange. Here's an example:

SAMURAI - An unmatched presentation of green tea and chocolate ice cream crucified by 9 Japanese chocolate dipped Pockys.

Green tea and chocolate ice cream with nine Pockys. What on earth?!?

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Anonymous said...

Um, $11.00 for a sundae is crazy!

Your other eats look good though!

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