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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Full Mi Belly - Beef Patty

M and I were at Crossgates Mall looking for some USB adapter. Of course nobody had one so that search lasted all of.... twenty minutes. Deciding to let the rain/snow outside die down, we took a walk over to the food court. Albany Eats! and CelinaBean have already mentioned Full Mi Belly and I've been eyeing their beef patties. Growing up in the city, I've become accustomed to buying them from the corner pizza shop, complete with melted cheese.
This was similar, except not soggy (zapping in the microwave is not enough, you have to throw it into the toaster oven to achieve the correct crispness). The inside was a little saucier than I would have liked, but it sure did hit the spot. They have different kinds, from beef to chicken, and for non-meat eaters, there is a vegetarian option.
Mini patties are $1.00, regular sized patties $2.00.

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