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Monday, October 13, 2008

Falling in love... with fall

Thatcher - Fall, originally uploaded by lilithny.
M and I finally had a day off at the same time... and we weren't tired at all!

With this free day, we decided to spend time enjoying the weather. This is from the Indian Ladder Trail in Thatcher Park. We stopped by Honest Weight on the way to pick up lunch. I had the "BLT" sandwich and M got the curry lentil soup.

The trail was full of little kids and dogs. Luckily M's dog was being good... can't say the same for some of the other dogs.

On the way back to the apartment, we stopped over at Okinawa for dinner. I ordered from there all the time when I lived in Troy. Every now and then we'll order from there at work. And M has something to eat there, so how could anyone not like it?

Okinawa - Sushi Dinner, originally uploaded by lilithny.

My dinner. I ordered the Christmas Tree, spicy Yellow tail, and Salmon skin rolls. The size of the rolls here are perfect (compared to other sushi places in the area). I can daintily pop a piece in my mouth and not get the puffer face.

Okinawa - Christmas Roll, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Okinawa - Tofu Terriyaki, originally uploaded by lilithny.

The only thing M ever orders at Okinawa. I was surprised he suggested Okinawa for dinner, especially after that run in with some tofu at the Plum Blossom. I don't blame him for coming back, that tofu is mighty tasty.

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feitclub said...

New York already looks that good? Dammit, Japan's autumn really is crap. I'll be lucky if I get one weekend of magnificent leaves somewhere, while back home my friends and family are getting that.

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