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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Split Personalities

If you've read my old blog, you would have seen me mention in a post or two about the desserts at Temptations.

Maybe I was too quick to judge? Maybe this was just a fluke? Either way, the allure of this place is starting to fade (dessert wise- their food is still great in my eyes)

I got a call from my friend S to see if I wanted to partake in some cupcakes and coffee. Not one to pass up a visit to one of my favorite Nyack spots, I happily obliged.

When we arrived, it was it's usual empty- we tend to get there at the end of the night, I have no idea how it is during the day, or if people are aware you can get more than dessert there.

The display case was full of cupcakes, which I took to mean a recent delivery of these mouth watering treats. I was indecisive at first, but I ended up going with the Red Velvet, just to see how it stacked up against some I've tried in other shops. S was just as indecisive, and took longer than I to make a decision. He finally settled on the Fluffer Nutter, after we had sat down at a table and asked our semi-regular waitress for her suggestion.

Unlike some other places we have eaten at, our service was prompt.

We stared.

We swooned.

I took pictures.

And then, we decided to eat. We tend to do the halfsies, so I carefully cut my cupcake in half and we traded off.

It was at this point that my faith in Temptations faltered. The cupcakes, while visually appealing, was dry and tasteless. S thought that they may have started to gone stale. The coffee was burnt tasting, causing S to ask for water instead. I'll admit it wasn't the best tasting coffee, but it was a heck of a lot better than the coffee they have here at work. Besides, nothing a lot of sugar can hide.

It had to have been an off day. It was the end of the night, so are they really going to make another pot of coffee? And the cupcakes, Temptations doesn't even make them! They're delivered from a bakery, I forget who, but maybe the brunt of the cupcake dislike should go towards them.

Not that this experience will keep S and I away for long. Their other dishes make up for this one time.

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