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Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the Breakfast Trail: Duncan's

Duncan's, originally uploaded by lilithny.

A good breakfast is hard to find.

A good breakfast at 7am in Troy is really hard to find.

M and I had discussed at work where to eat. Being creatures of habit, Bob's was immediately suggested. I wasn't in a Bob's mood and M wanted to find a place with good home fries. Looked around on Metroland and nothing sounded appealing.

"What about the one we tried to go to before?" M asked.

"I don't know if they'll be open, but sure."

The place he was referring to was Duncan's. I ate there once before but had no idea what the name was. It's up on Route 7 past the Country View Diner heading towards Vermont.

The "restaurant" looks to be a converted house with several enterances. I'm not kidding, there are at least six doors, but surprise!! You can only enter through two of them. You would think they would put signs on the rest of them letting you know that. You would think they would have put up a sign on the locked door I tried to open. The people inside looked at me like I was retarded. And they commented as much when we got in. Strike one!!

The menu is pretty basic, and not really worth going into detail. We both ordered the two egg breakfast, which came with toast and home fries. I also ordered a cup of coffee with my meal. Not good at all. My scrambled eggs were runny, and home fries were mostly burned potato chunks. I ended up giving M the rest of my eggs and left the remainder of my rock fries. I just wanted to get the bill and leave. Strike two!!

If you're not a regular at Duncan's, don't expect any decent service. Our "waitress" took her sweet ass time to give us our check. She went to the bathroom while M and I just sat there waiting. Strike three!! I was torn between making a moderate sized stink about it, or listening to my sleep deprived gut telling me to chill and the check will soon come.

Maybe she saw me nod off, because wouldn't you know it, out came our check. I don't remember now how much it came out to, but it wasn't bad. Roughly in the Bob's ballpark and they give you more. Too bad none of it is good.

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