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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Summer Is Great

zukeblossom, originally uploaded by lilithny.

For all my complaining about the heat and humidity, I really do like Summer.

The garden is in full bloom and here is an example: this one zucchini plant is sitting out on the deck. Not in the ground, but in a decent sized pot... and I've harvested quite a bit from it. Originally there were six zucchini plants, but they grow so fast, so two had to go to make room for the Japanese eggplant and peppers.

When the blooms first came out, I just wanted to pick them all and stuff them with meat and rice, batter and deep fry. But if I had done that, then there would be no zukes, and that would not sit well with me.

zukes!, originally uploaded by lilithny.

So far I've done a zuke stir fry and garden veggie curry. What else can I make with zucchini, besides the obvious zucchini bread? Not that I don't like it... I'm actually looking forward to making some real soon.

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Rowena said...

Any gal who is gonna blog zucchini is a person in my league. I have only 4 plants, but they are just exploding with zukes!

I just got your Foodbuzz message (I rarely get over there). Will add you now!

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