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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer in the City

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been pretty busy.

The boy came down this weekend. We see each other every other weekend at work, but it's not the same. He has one weekend a month off, so we try to make the most of it.

This weekend we enjoyed a free play that my friend happened to be in (FYI- final weekend 7/18-7/20!!!) And a trek into the city. I insisted we make this trip to the city a food eating trip.

I envisioned us popping into several stores, trying food here and there. I wanted a picnic in Central Park. Wouldn't that have been romantic? Maybe next time, because in reality we didn't get into the city until late afternoon to hit up Adorama before it closed (the boy and I are proud owners of 120N Holgas).

With that out of the way, we strolled though Union Square and walked down Broadway to check out some of the shops (Uniqlo is cute, but I have way too many clothes). As soon as we hit Canal Street, we walked up a couple of blocks to Mullberry and tried to find a place to eat in Little Italy. A little too crowded for my tastes, so we headed over to Mott Street and toward my familiar eateries.

We walked up and down, and most of the restaurants were busy. But what do you expect for a really nice Sunday evening? We eventually settled on Hon Cafe. It's on Mott, not exactly sure where... but I think it's next to a vegetarian place.

I forgot to take a picture of the sign outside, but this placemat will have to do. Never noticed it before, but they sell deserts and smoothies, and apparently Hong Kong style food. I was expecting more from the menu, but oh well.

I ordered the Jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce. It comes with rice or spaghetti and your choice of warm borscht and corn and chicken soup. These choices may change daily, so you'll have to check. I don't think our waiter spoke/understood very much English, so it was a lot of hand gesturing and pointing at the menu.

The shrimp wasn't bad. Not tough, and the sauce was good. I think this is the same sauce I used to get when I have lobsters cooked. I should look around for this sauce, seems excellent for seafood.

This is what the boy ordered. I forget what it was on the menu, but it's basically vegetables with a creamy sauce. He thought it was hollandaise, or something similar. I didn't try it... didn't look all that appealing to me.

Our complimentary desert, to go with the complimentary tea. There was this crepe filled with honeydew and whipped cream and a sponge cake topped with coconut. We ate them all before I thought of taking a picture, but it looked very similar to bibingka.

I forget how much our meal came out to. Definitely under 30 bucks.

Afterward we headed back to catch our train and call it a night. But not before taking a few more pictures. These aren't the holga pics however. I still haven't finished my film.

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