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Friday, July 25, 2008

Something I bet he wouldn't mind hearing

I've had a craving as of late.

Of tomatoes!

Of basil!

Of crusty bread!

Of cheese!

Last weekend, it was all I ate. But I've been spoiled, since the boy makes them.

(And they always come out wonderful.)

So I've tried to make it here at home.

Brace yourself. It's not pretty.

That was my weak attempt at making the goodness.

You might be looking at it and thinking, "it's not that bad..." (if you are, you are too kind)

Where did I go wrong?

  • For starters, the bread I picked was too small. Who knew Shoprite had craptastic choices for bread? Shame on me for going there, when the local bakery was right down the road!

  • In my eagerness to re-create, I threw everything together and popped it into the toaster oven. The result? Bleeeech. I didn't know what I did wrong, so I asked the boy.

Me: I tried to make your toast thing.

Boy: Oh really? How was it?

Me: Sucked. What did you do to make it AMAZING?

Boy: (after some serious begging) Mrs. Dash.

Isn't he funny? meh.

Bread + cheese + oven ------> toasted melted goodness (TMG)

TMG + tomato + basil + mrs. dash ------> perfect toast thing


Tom Aarons said...

Sometimes it looks more delicious because you know it's real! :)

Aaron K said...

Wonderful read!

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