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Sunday, May 06, 2007

San Miguel

Mahar's has the most extensive beer selection in Albany. Hands down. They have $30 beers (Dogfish) and your typical piss beer (2.50 Buds). Not that it shows variety, but it does show price range. Average beer goes for $4-5. Drink menus is six pages long, with beers listed by country.

Sure enough they only beer they had listed for the Philippines was San Miguel, but it's the only one I remember drinking when I was there. They also had Presidente from the Dominican Republic, which I distinctly remember being quite nasty.

Nice guy Dan decided to be the ladies man tonight so he invited his girls out. New Paltz, Red Head, and RH's friend, Keystone. Didn't catch LH's real name, but I do know she was already gone and quite a big fan of the Keystone. But she liked the San Mig and ended up getting another at last call (smart girl finished her beer before stepping outside for a smoke).

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