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Friday, November 25, 2005

In Regards To the Morning Meal

I'm not a breakfast person.

I've really tried to be, but I just can't get up in time to actually have it. And when I am awake in time for breakfast foods, there just isn't anything appealing to me. Pancakes are tasty, but only once in a while. Bagels, impossible to find a good one up at school. Oatmeal? My oats are dedicated to my granola, and I haven't wanted that in a LONG time.

So I fast foward to lunch.

If you were in my house right now, you would see me sitting in the family room, typing away at my laptop. The television is on, and of course switching from CNN to something interesting. Today that something interesting is The Graduate.

In the kitchen, the faint sizzle of pan. An occasion pop. In the air, the intermingling of olive oil, tomatoes, freshly ground pepper. I was too lazy to take the pans out of the oven, so I'm slowly cooking them over the range. Next to the stove, the cutting board full of chopped mushrooms and olives. There's another pot on the stove, full of water rapidly reaching its boiling point. A splash of balsamic vinegar into the pan to give the sweet tomatoes a nice tang.

The balsamic vinegar reduces, and the pasta goes into the pot. Crank the heat on high, mushrooms and olives go in.

Quick toss #1.

Quick toss #2.

Soledad O'Brien is bashing NBC. Didn't she used to work for them? Bad blood?

Ding! Time's up.

Dog is begging for something other than the food in his bowl. Doggie treats aren't a good breakfast for canines.

Pour the pasta into the strainer. Turn the range off.

Dog is barking now. He's going outside until the meal is done.

Big soup bowl makes the perfect pasta portion. Hot pasta, makeshift sauce. Shake of grated cheese and I'm set until second lunch.

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