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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Antics

I've got a pumpkin, but it isn't carved. I'm waiting until I have time to roast it and make it into a pumpkin pie/pumpkin risotto/pumpkin soup/baked pumpkin seeds.

I have a bag full of candy, but no desire to actually eat any of it. I don't have the candy cravings like I used to. I don't dream of trading a candy necklace for gobstoppers. I am thinking of making soup with chicken stock, miso paste, chopped carrots, onions and white radish (those long huge ones that could be mistaken for an arm).

What's my costume? My beloved Steelers jersey, a small yellow towel, and a yellow hard hat. Monday Night Football. No apple cider, but beer. BREWSKI! No candy, but wings, popcorn, pretzels, bar food.

I feel like one of the boys. Only smaller and with a higher voice.   

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