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Monday, November 27, 2017

It's Monday

Not that you needed reminding. It's been Monday all day, and a Monday after a holiday to boot. So needless to say I've been out of it. And not just me... it seems like many people were dragging today.

But it's something I say at work when I'm off my game. Sure, I've used other days too, but I use Monday a lot.

I've been scanning the Cyber Monday deals, and the only thing I bought was a cookie cutter that was already on sale. I was on the fence about buying a subscription to Butcher Box, but I decided against it and the free six steaks and bacon that came with the offer. Why? Because I'm the sole meat eater of the house, and there's a good chance I won't be finished with it before the next delivery. And did you know it's 129 bucks a pop (for the smaller subscription)? Yikes.

If they had the option to just order one box, I would be more likely to place an order. Something to think about, Butcher Box.


Yesterday at the restaurant, one of our younger customers stopped me while I was stuffing my face full of sandwich.

"Are you the chef that cooks the food?"

I slowly shook my head. "Sorry. I just help the guys that cook."


Yeah kid... I'm disappointed too.

As much I'd like to go back to my culinary classes, both my work and financial situation makes it hard to do so. The ads for the Escoffier online program keep popping up when I'm browsing sites and various social media platforms. Which of course gets me thinking... why not? Works with my schedule... I can study wherever and whenever... no having to drive to school.

But just how legit can this program be? I really have not seen too much about it online other than what the school posts. How do they set up the externship? Do they have guaranteed job placement? And what aboutthe price tag - $14,000 for a certificate? Yeesh.

Someone want to get me a Christmas/Birthday present that covers the next ten years? It's the gift that keeps on giving... I'll make you dinner!


Broccoli fried rice was my jam today. Broccoli rice, diced ham, egg. Simple. Easy. My goal for the rest of the year is to use up the rest of the foodstuffs in the pantry and fridge/freezer. Cut back on my spending (you don't even want to know how much I spent on Thanksgiving), save save save.


Baking some grain & gluten free cookies tomorrow morning. With my mustache cutter. Cream cheese frosting. My only contribution to Movember.

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