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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Apple Cider Sugar Cookies

Remember, remember... the fifth of November...

... as the day I talked about these sugar cookies.

gimmicks. yes!

Being that it is fall, what better than make a seasonal cookie. And not just any cookie, but something in the shape of the cookie's flavor! Fall. Apples. Cider. Apple cider sugar cookies. Perfect? Perfect.

I used a recipe I found on Julianne Hough's website. You know, from Dancing with the Stars. I gotta say, it is a decent recipe and will now be on the baking rotation. Baking these will make your kitchen smell wonderful. The apple cutter is from Michaels, and I went with my tried and true sugar glaze. Used whatever I had leftover from Halloween, so not only did I have Red Delicious looking cookies, but Golden Delicious as well. Next time I make this, I'll try it with boiled cider. I'm thinking it will make for a stronger apple flavor.

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