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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thank You, Now I Must Be Going (Early Morning Turkey Day Musings)

Walking up just after four in the morning, I stumbled around the room using the dim light of my phone screen. The room I had just napped in - the guest room in my moms house was more crowded than usual, but I'm partly to blame for that. Should probably break the dog crate down before I leave. Which will be soon. I am technically working in two hours.

Coming downstate was a last minute decision. Part guilt, part missing home. I reasoned to myself if I couldn't be there for the celebration, I could do my part and help my mom out with the prep work. Mostly last minute shopping. I suggested she spatchcock the turkey this year. Less time and a better cooked turkey. But no poultry shears. Not sure her kitchen shears will cut it. Cleaver perhaps? Slightly scary thought. Score with a sharp knife and just hack? Or let her roast it the way we always have... and attempt the new method for Chistmas. 

While I've been mulling over the options while I wake for my mom to wake, I finished what was left of the Banh Mi I ordered last night. Still good. Surprised the ladies that work there still remember me. I must have ordered there a lot.

I think she's better off roasting the traditional way. I was planning on roasting a chicken for my turkey day back upstate. Inasal style. Spatchcocked. Need the practice. Should go straight to the market when I get to Albany. Or maybe a smaller bird... it is just me eating it after all.

Time to go. I may post again later. Check the Instagram.

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