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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Slushies and 99 cent Pizza

For some reason I cannot rotate this picture. The problem with stealthily writing at work. Anyways, the plan yesterday was to grab some sushi with my cousin after a gym session. As with most plans with her go, they fell through and I was left with the option of eating solo.

I tend to do that a lot. Don't really mind it, but sometimes conversations while eating are nice.

I was going to get sushi. Really was. But then I had to fill up the car and it just so happens there is a Cumberland Farms by the gym. So here I am, post-workout... exhausted and gym messy. The water I had been guzzling was not cutting it.

Screw it. Slushies all around! And while I was there, I spied their 99 cent cheese pizza slices. How could I possibly pass it up?

I quickly ate that slice in my car so no one knew what I just did. Meh. Tastes like gas station pizza. I suppose I should try the Stewarts pizza and see how they compare.

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