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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gluten Lite - Day Two

Just as I thought, going "gluten lite" is proving to be tricky.

We had breakfast at our training this morning. Monkey bread and a fruit salad. I love monkey bread. Love love love it. It looked and smelled wonderful. I had the fruit salad, of course. That was also good. I looked up recipes for gluten free monkey bread, GF sandwich bread, and GF flour mix.

Lunch was junky. The line in the cafeteria was too long so I walked over to the shopette. I walked out with some cheddar popcorn. You know, Smart Food. Surpisingly I wasn't feeling all that hungry after the cup of fruit salad and coffee.

By the time I got home from work, I was STARVING. Cooked up some soba with a splash of tamari and pickled ginger. No stomach complaints... woohoo! Picked up a coffee for class and am now finishing the yogurt I bought with that coffee for my post-workout meal and part of my dinner. More soba for dinner. I should probably change it up a bit of I will get sick of that stuff.

Also, I need to buy more tamari.

As for working out, so much better to go to the gym later in the evening. Place was pretty empty so I didn't have to wait for a machine and I had real space between people over by the weights. These workouts are nothing like the WODs I used to do at CCCF. But it's been a while and this is a bit different. Tonight was back and biceps, tomorrow shoulders and abs.

Which definitely looks like I'll be doing later in the evening (if at all!) because I have the Shmaltz event after work. It starts at 4:00 so it would make more sense to go straight there. I guess I should dress more presentable, eh?

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