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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Brewers Wanted Launch Event @ Shmaltz Brewing


Last night Shmaltz Brewing held a launch event for their newest beer, Brewers Wanted. Well, it’s not new new… more like newish. It used to be Statewide Pale Ale, a beer they made in collaboration with some local breweries and made with state grown barley and hops. I believe Shmaltz has taken over the beer since then and has re-named it Brewers Wanted.

Most of the people there were involved in the program in some form. There were representatives from SCCC, Workforce Development, Saratoga Eagle (beverage distributor), Price Chopper, possibly some local government people. Kevin from Rare Form was there and had a beer on tap… I think I remember hearing it was the first guest tap they’ve had. I don’t remember which beer it was. Maybe Sabbatical?

Half of the class showed up, although we’re missing one in that shot. Drinking beers, talking about beers. All around good time. And we found out there is a national competition that school based brewing programs can participate in. Pretty exciting!

Next week, Price Chopper will be selling Brewers wanted in their stores. It’s also on tap at The Ruck, but it may not be there to long. 

PS- Deanna and Otis were also there so I’d depend on them for a better write up of the event.

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Otis Maxwell said...

Good to see you Noelle. Here's the link to my post:
And I can confirm that Brewers Wanted is currently on tap at both Ballston Ave and Wilton Price Choppers in the Saratoga area.

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