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Thursday, December 10, 2015

American Baking & Pastry: Final Blues and Lab Clean Up

I forget what it's like to be home at a normal hour on a Thursday night. But I'm home working on some knitting and re-watching episodes of The West Wing. Tonight I took my pastry final and because we were the first class to take it, I shouldn't say much about it on the off  chance someone in the program reads this.

It was... okay. Fair enough. I probably should have focused more on things than others. But for the most part I knew the answers to the questions. There were seventeen questions I was iffy on - probably half of those I'm pretty sure I knew the answer; the other half I completely guessed.

Even the extra credit answer I was iffy on.

Rats. I wanted a good grade in this class.

After the final we headed down to the kitchens for the end of the semester cleaning. Scrubbed sheet pans, bowls; organized cabinets; emptied the fridge and consolidated ingredients. I'm not sure how much was thrown out, I stayed by the sinks. Rewarded with dinner from another kitchens. Lots of olives and blue cheese. And there were cookies. So many cookies.

I'm going to miss those. I wasn't able to get into International next semester.

Next week is a makeup lab and you bet I'll be going. Need to do some grade salvaging.

In the meantime, I'm going to get back to my knitting and call it a night.

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