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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Really Jumping the Gun

I was out running errands Sunday afternoon when I got a call from M.

"I saw a listing for a restaurant for sale. You should check it out."

He then proceeded to tell me more about this property - where it's located; how big it is; the bar; the kitchen; and the price. The asking price alone had me thinking too good to be true. "Well, why don't we drive by there tomorrow after work," I suggested. He agreed, and I went back to my errands.

Monday flew by and next thing you know I was at the house to pick up M. The drive out to the property is nice. Very scenic. And obviously not in a urban area. It seems far, but surprisingly the commute to work would be about the same as my current commute. Winter driving... hmm.

We didn't do formal walk through - just looked around. I have to admit, it has potential. Some work has been done to the place, but it still needs work. Not sure if it's mostly cosmetic, but if that price is true, it would be feasable. Just a little at a time, the most important stuff first.

I don't know if I'm completely sold on it, but after I get back from my vacation I will be calling the realtor for a showing. If it's still available then. Knowing my luck it's already been snatched up.

So... you may be thinking:

"You're going to buy a restaurant? You're going to open a restaurant?"

Hard to answer. Yes... no... I don't know. Yes, I am looking at places. And yes, this place in question was once a restaurant/was going to be a restaurant. But open a restaurant? Million dollar question there.

I've had the dream or two of opening a place. Day dreams, but nothing more. I like my job, and I like the fact that it is a very secure job. So to give that up for a what if is freightening. Not to mention I have so many doubts about my ability to create a product that people want. Repeatedly. It's part of the reason why I'm taking culinary classes - to learn the proper techniques... learn how to cook and bake on a higher level than what I was doing at home. And they are helpling! Baking bread used to make me cry... not anymore. In fact, since the start of fall I have been baking like crazy. I brought a loaf of bread in daily last week. Hell... I've got two doughs going right now. And where in the past it would stress me out, now it's a piece of cake. I appreciate the comfortability (or the slight resemblance of it) I now have.

I'm not ready for that leap. Not even a jump. Maybe a hop. Possibly a bounce. If I were to do this it would have to make sense and everything fall into place. This place we looked at is large, but in the country. Country means well water and septic tanks. It means being far away and less likely for people to travel out there unless they lived that way. And who knows what's wrong with the place... the asking immediately sent up the warning flags in my head. Lien, foundation issues... something that have the current owners walk away from it.

But it has a six range gas stove. And a deck oven. And a walk in cooler! I think the commercial kitchen is the only thing that made it in the pro column in my pro/con list.

Honestly, if I were to buy a placein the Captial Region, I was thinking more along the lines of downton Troy. It's the hip new place to be, after all. And there is one less bakery in town. Unfortunately, because of the growing popularity, available places are dwindling and those that are (or will be) will be going for prices outside of my investment comfort zone. Because of that, next bet would be in Cohoes. But who goes there?

Bah. I had a rather stressful day and I'm making it even more so thinking about a remote possibility.


Bring cookies.

And commercial listings.

I don't think I'm really serious about this. Probably. Most likely.

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