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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Color Vibe

Forgive me, but I’m finally getting around to recapping what I did last month.
One of M’s old co-workers invited us to run in the Color Vibe. I’ve heard of Color Me Rad and the Color Run, but it was the first time I had heard of the Color Vibe. Any excuse to get pelted with colored corn starch. Color Vibe was held at the Altamont Fairground. The skies looked ominous, but the rains stayed away.
Packet pick up was on a Friday. And it just so happened to be at Sports Authority. One of the things about the CV I didn’t like was that you had to pay if you wanted to wait until race day to get your bib. The pick up location was a bit out of the way, but at least I got some shopping in while I was there. I also stocked up on things I would need for after the race – wet wipes, drinks, and garbage bags.
Along with our bibs (this wasn’t a timed race, the numbers didn’t mean a thing), we each got a couple bags of the colored corn starch. It wasn’t long before people started breaking them out.
There was DJ and lots of music. There was a warm up Zumba session and a crew from Good Morning America was there to film a segment. Lots of packing people in by the stage. Lots of selfie sticks and GoPros. Lots of powder throwing.
To ease up on congestion, they had staggered starts. M and I ended up in the last group, but that was probably for the best. It wasn’t timed, so I didn’t really feel the need to go all out for it. Just a nice manageable run, with very few walking stretches.
I have to say I did decently with consistent running. Only time I stopped was when I hit a large group and I couldn’t get around them. But to make up for it I did speed walk those sections. I paced with some guy that was running with his dog. Pretty cute. And I passed up the GMA crew a few times… I wonder if I ever made it on the air. There were color stations along the way, and as you can see I didn’t get away from it. Sunglasses were a good idea, kept from things getting in my eyes. Other runners had something to cover their face, which I should have thought of.
After the run there was an after party, but we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to use up what color packets were left, and to toss the beach balls around. Went back to the car, cleaned off as best I could and drove back home (on my protected car seats). I suppose the upside to all that cornstarch is that it helps absorb excess oil in your hair or on your skin. Not sad to see it go though.
Color Me Rad will be in Saratoga this October. I may go.

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