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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour

I think the theme for this summer and fall for me will be biking. As in two wheels. Motor free. Pedal power. I'm not really sure how this reinvigorated interest in the bicycle came to be, but I will freely admit the last few months have really sucked. Lots of taking on more than I can chew; my personal life faltering; and a need for an escape. What better way for freedom than with my own two feet? Running? Eh, makes my knees hurt. Driving? My can can be a gas guzzler. And then there's my bike.
And my other two bikes.

Yes, I have three bikes. Overboard? Maybe. But one I got for free, and the ten speed I've delegated as my training bike. The hybrid is the star and chill as much as he or she wants. I haven't decided if it's a he or a she. No name, just bike. But maybe it will get one this summer.

Anyways, I'm on this biking kick and researching all the bike paths/rail trail in the area. I forget what exactly I was looking for, but I came across the Berkshires to Boston bike tour. Still relatively new (it only started back in 2013), participants bike roughly 240 miles over four days from Western Massachusetts to Boston, just in time for that city's bicycle celebration "Hub on Wheels." Riders can choose to stay at the campgrounds each night or stay at a participating hotel if they don't really feel like roughing it. There are meal options where they supply you with most of your meals, or just breakfast or dinner. There's even a pre-tour bike ride to Mt. Graylock, the state's highest peak! If you can't get away for the four days, there's a weekend option. For an additional feel they bus the riders (and their gear) from Boston back to the starting point.

I am foregoing the warm up ride (have to work), but I will do the tour in its entirely. My plan as of now is go to work, get in a workout before heading over to Hancock, MA to meet up with group. As part of the registration fee Wednesday night's dinner is included. I chose not to get the meal plan for two reasons... okay, three:

  1. I'm not really a breakfast person, so I can't see shelling out $60 for a bunch of stuff I won't be interested in. I'll just grab a coffee on the route.
  2. I going through towns in Massachusetts I never think twice about. I'm going to explore and enjoy what's out there. Eating included.
  3. Registration fee plus the ride back to Hancock was over $400.00. Even though I'll be buying stuff along the way, I want to try to save as much as I can.
Even though I'm biking with a group, I'm doing this by myself. Which doesn't make it so scary since there are other people doing this too. Strangers, yes... but doing the same thing. Who knows, maybe some readers out there are signed up or interested in signing up. If so, woohoo! Always good to see a familiar face. Or maybe not familiar face but whatever. You know what I'm saying.

The prices, sadly, have gone up. To register for this tour is now $398 (full)/$235 (weekend). The ride back may still be $65, you'd have to check the website for that. And if it seems pricey, know this is what you get for it (full registration, C&P job from the website):

  • Marked route each day
  • Camping accommodations on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Shower and sanitary facilities in each campground
  • Baggage transportation each day
  • Sag support each day
  • Mechanical support on route and in camp
  • Seven rest stops
  • Wednesday night dinner at Hancock Shaker Village and opening night entertainment
  • Hub On Wheels registration
  • Rider Guide
  • High-quality printed route map and guide
  • Rider registration bag with useful tour and take-home items.
Freebies! And I think you get stuff from the Hub On Wheels as well. 

Anyways, check out the Berkshires to Boston website. If you are doing this, post in the comments. If you're not but have done something similar (supported or unsupported), leave a comment as well. 

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