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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pre-Final Jitters

Hello. At school. Waiting to take the final of my summer class - sanitation.

In a few minutes I will start on this exam which if I pass will certify me in food sanitation. Or something like that.

I've taken the practice test about a dozen times, about a third of those times I got 100%.

So does that make me feel ready? Kinda.

Hmm. I should probably start now.

See ya!

UPDATE - I passed that sucka! To celebrate I went on a bike ride.


Jon in Albany said...

Nicely done. I should take a sanitation class someday....

Lilimonster said...

It's not bad! In the summer the class is online - not sure if they offer if like that for the fall. For about 3.5 weeks it is quite time consuming, but as long as your read the textbook (which I guess I should have and would probably have had a better score... but a pass is a pass) and do all the chapter questions you should be fine.

My Serv Safe certification is good for five years so if I even start something up (and trust me... I have been thinking about it) I can put that upon the wall.

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