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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Notes From the Desktop

There has been some cleaning going on here in our two-of-a-kind stone house. The grass has been trimmed, garden beds weeded, and slowly but surely the things we no longer need are being boxed up for a future yard sale or donation. Our computers, also need some cleaning. They are slow as heck and filled to the brim of my daily picture taking.

I have three external hard drives full of photos. And I bet many are duplicates. Triplicates. Videos I meant to edit or delete but never go around to. If we lived in a country that actually cared about their workforce, I would have the time necessary to go through all of those things and you know… streamline.

Tangent. I do that.

Anyways, I’m cleaning up the computer and here’s something I wrote up that has been open for… who knows. Back when I thought it would be clever to write about everything I ate. Everything. Even take out. There will be no editing, no spellcheck. Screw grammar. It’s going up as I wrote it. Greasy fingered, fatty eating stream of consciousness.

So here you go, my lazy foray back into the food blogging realm. Notes on Hao Wei (Troy, NY)

hao wei
hot & sour
dark, thick. fresh mushrooms, not canned. and not thinly sliced either. carrots, celery. tofu is silken i think. tastes a ltitle funny. hot temperature, but not hot taste. and not very sour. almost a slight sweetness. crackers help. they aren't stale. got two for a large soup. bamboo.

egg roll
typical greasiness. not too pronounced cabbage taste. decent amout of pork. wrapper not too thick. avg size.

pork fried rice and chicken wings
nice coating. curry in it? hot temp. ok size. rice good. not dry. not much filler. onion sprouts. pork. some chives.

not going to get chinese all the time,  but i will keep this in mind. 11 bucks for all this.

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