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Monday, June 29, 2015

Adventures on Two Wheels: Schenectady to Rotterdam Junction

No pictures yet again.

After my final (which I passed, thankyouverymuch) I drove over to the far side of the school's parking lot and hit up the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway, a trail that runs alongside the Mohawk River. My final took much longer than I thought it would and by the time I got out, it was pretty overcast. Wasn't sure if it would rain, but I was determined to get a ride in.

The trail starts along the river and stays along the river for the most part. Mostly flat, with just small hills. Nothing to worry about though - you see them coming and nothing a couple of quick pedals won't tackle.

I had sunglasses on, but I think one of those neck things would be good to protect from the gnats, which I kept flying into. I did get a bug in the eye... nasty. There might still be some bug in there.

I biked down to about Rotterdam Junction, just before the path is cut by an active railroad line. The path starts up again, maybe a quarter of the mile down, but you have to get onto the road to access it. Hopefully they finish that small part and make it bike accessible. I'm pretty sure this is how they go on the Erie Canal Bicycle Tour, something I've been meaning to do for years.

One of these days.

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