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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thursday Workout (Double Time!!)

Even though I had plenty of other things to do, I decided to get a double workout in.

You read that. Double workout. Back to back. Yes, I dun gon cray cray.

There's something that has to be said about the workout when your usual gym goers are noticeably absent. There was only five of us today. Was it the heat? Humidity? Too much sun?

Warm up:

PVC mobillity


Tire flip


10 minutes at each station, with 2 minutes inbetween

Station #1 - max meters rowing (no stopping)

Station #2 - max height box jump OR max vertical jump

Station #3 - 5 minutes of max 100m farmer carries (45/25)
                   5 minutes of max 100m tire flips


Station #1 - 2125m
Station #2 - 29"
Station #3 - 25lb carries

The increasing box jump freaked me out a bit. I wasn't worried about my shins taking a beating, I was more concerned I would fall and break something. Like my neck.

The tire flip is pretty much lifting from the squat position but in forward motion. If it were a stationary down-up thing, my arms would be in hell. I guess they were tractor tires, the ones we used. No idea how much they weighed. And there was no 100m with that thing. My partner and I just flipped it in our spot. In the shade.

After that workout, I took a quick break before diving in and doing the testing WOD for the challenge. Friday is the last day to get them in and I'm not planning on working out tomorrow.

Testing WOD


20 minutes to do 3 rep max push press

For time (7 minute max)

Hang Power Clean
Lateral burpees over the bar
RX (95/65)
Scaled (65/35)


Push press @ 75

21-15-9 completed in 7:10

The downside to doing this workout when I did was that I was surround by so many coaches! At their suggestion I went with a lighter weight (35) since it is 45 push presses. But I felt pressured to go faster than comfortable. But that's the thing, right? To go outside of your comfort zone. But there's one thing to step outside of your comfort zone and another to feel like you're going to trip  over the bar and smash your face into the floor. I admit, I felt that a few times. But I got through it with what I can only imagine was a decent time.

I'm not sure when the next will be when they re-test this WOD. I'm not sure either about the food thing. I guess I'll just wing it.

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